No one can fully understand the definition of true love unless they have owned a dog

Rescuing a dog from the shelter means saving a wounded soul, unfortunately caused by humans who let them down.

In our opinion, every dog deserves a warm, loving and secure home to heal their soul again.


We’re convinced that you feel the same way, since you are visiting this site right now and therefore we would like to thank you and invite you to have a look at our website and learn more about us and what we can accomplish together for these lovely furry paws.

Saving one pet will not change the world, but it changes the world for this one pet forever.


Currently, all abandoned dogs who live on the streets not only have to deal with a daily struggle to seek for food, shelter and safety, but are fighting for their lives as a consequence of people's inconsiderate behaviour.


Here is a typical situation in Southern Italy of dogs that have been abandoned;

First, we have to start with the dog’s owners and how they look at their dogs.

Dogs are normally used as a tool for a designated purpose; hunting, protecting, herding, etc.

A dog is almost never seen as a friendly house pet to love and cuddle with.

Therefor they also don’t see the purpose to have them sterilized.

As a result, having them sterilized is an unnecessary and a costly treatment – why would you tune your tractor if it works just fine…

As soon as a dog gets a litter, maybe with a bit of luck 1 or 2 pups will find a new owner.

The remaining pups are left in boxes, abandoned in parks, forests and along busy streets.


Unfortunately this is a common ‘solution’ in southern Italy, because they see them as “tools” that they can get rid of when they don’t see any purpose for them. Once their work is done and are no longer needed

In addition, a lack of shelters and sterilization programs has led to a large population – with a continuous growth – of stray dogs in Southern of Italy. Adult dogs often suffer from untreated diseases and injuries due to lack of food. 


Without the work of independent volunteers, veterinarians and private shelters, street dogs have no prospect for a better life. There are many animal lovers who use their own time, money and resources to rescue injured dogs and abandoned puppies.


These are ordinary citizens who most of the time struggle themselves, but have a great heart and cannot bear to see these innocent pups abandoned to their fate… 


These independent volunteers are often struggling to feed and shelter all these dogs.

Unfortunately the pandemic situation we have endured, aggravated this situation.

Yet despite the economic impact, volunteers continue to work tirelessly to save these harmless animals.

The respect we feel for these people cannot be described with a pen – they are the true heroes of our world!


This local hero is one of the volunteers. Her selfless efforts have also resulted in her being widely known as the “The Donna of stray dogs” throughout the entire area. Please read her story.


This organisation “Paws 4 Adoption” was founded in the Netherlands to draw international attention for helping people like Concetta in these distressed areas.


Together with your help we can improve this situation.

Whether you talk about it with others, increase their awareness, make a donation for dogfood, blankets, beds, etc., or better yet adopt one of these dogs/pups.

No matter what we do, as long as we take action!     


Paws 4 Adoption collaborates with Paws Rescue Team who are also committed to help people like Concetta and her dogs in Southern Italy. 


PAWS 4 ADOPTION helps Concetta facilitate between the new lucky dog owner in partnership with Paws Rescue Team.

Sponsor at-risk dog’s stay in safe shelters

provide vaccinations and medical care

Sponsor emergency care for sick puppies and injured dogs

Recruit volunteers and foster homes to socialize dogs

Search for homes locally and abroad

Recruit flight volunteers to transport dogs

Make all arrangements for legal paperwork and transportation abroad.

Sponsor sterilization surgeries


Let's start with a question, what MOTIVATED  you to visit this website?

What EXACTLY do you want answered in your feelings?


Does it feel nice to donate a bag of food,

Do you just want to donate an amount,

Do you want to adopt a dog? Whatever it is, we recognize it.

We can easily help you and respond to all your needs because we know all the roadblocks and sneak past them.

This means you don't have to figure it out yourself.

We know every obstacle and the thoughts "Yes but" or "What if " which pass in your mind and hold you back.

We speak from experience and are happy to share it with you. 

Asking is free it takes at most a few minutes of your time. Contact us (if you can spare those few minutes in your day) with any questions.

We will be happy to speak to you in several languages.

We speak not only dog language but also Italian, German, Dutch, French.

Get behind your keyboard and we will be happy to answer you.

Do you think about adopting a pet?

Open your heart and home to a friend for life.

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