If you’re lucky…

A dog will come into your life, steal your heart and change everything!


We have a 'tail waggin’ assortment of adoptable dogs and puppies that would love to meet you!

These dogs are primarily housed at the coastline in Italy Vibo Valentia, in the town of Porto Salvo lives Concetta Sorrentino.

What started with a few puppies has grown into a huge group of dogs who are all looking for a better life.

Please read her story


When you find a dog you love, the first step is to fill out a dog adoption application.

If you aren’t sure which dog is right for you, our adoption specialists love playing matchmaker and would be delighted to help you find a good fit.

WHAAAT.. Who will be my new owners?

When you have chosen your new companion, we will set up a (online) meeting for a home safety check, which helps ensure that you are prepared to meet the dog’s needs. You will be asked to sign an adoption contract and pay an adoption fee. 

Not everyone has experience with adoptable dogs and we like to inform people in advance about what they can potentially expect.

First (over a cup of coffee) we like to tell you what to expect with a dog in your life.

The journey of life is sweeter when traveled with a dog.

Adoption Fees

All adoption fees include the standard medical care all rescue animals receive.

Total amount paid in 2 payments:

At the moment you definitely want to go for the dog | puppy, we ask a down payment of  267 euro.

This is to cover medical costs and legislation documentation.

After paying the deposit, the dog | puppy will be listed as "reserved" for you.

The rest of the adoption fee, must be transferred to the account, before you come to pick up the dog | puppy.


Dog pickup can be several weeks in between because of transport to your country and medical checks performed by the veterinarian. 

Adoption fee for dogs first down payment 267 euro.

Include the following:

Distemper/Parvo vaccinated

Bordetella vaccination



Heartworm tested (if over the age of 6 months).

Current heartworm and flea prevention.


Rabies Vaccinated**

Adoption fee for dogs second down payment 232 euro.

Include the following:

You transfer the rest of the adoption fee before coming to pick up your dog.


Medical expenses,

Legislation documentation


Transport including **safety harness


Total amount 499 euro paid in 2x


**All animals must be spayed/neutered and rabies vaccinated before they can go home.

If these procedures have not yet been performed at the time of adoption, an appointment must be made by us with the veterinarian in Italy.


** It is important to us that our dogs walk the streets safely.

A safety harness set is a necessity in this regard.

For that reason, our team carries all its dogs over with a special anti-escape harness set.

The cost for this is included in the adoption fee. 

The kit includes an anti-escape harness, a martingale collar, a leash, a shoulder line and a car belt.

Everything is arranged with love and care through Paws 4 Adoption in cooperation with the Paws Rescue Team foundation.

If you are interested in a dog, we will of course provide the necessary documentation including bank details for the transactions.

We have made the adoption steps as simple as possible and walk you through it to make it as enjoyable as possible. Welcoming a new dog should be fun and we will do the hard work for you.