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Meet Concetta Sorrentino, living in Vibo Valentia (Southern Italy) in the heart of Calabria where stray dogs are a common issue. This local hero is one of the volunteers. 

She is a very big animal lover, with a particular passion for dogs, and she takes in dozens of dogs from the neighbourhood under her care.

Fortunately she is able to use an empty factory with the owner's permission to shelter these abandoned dogs, it’s not ideal but it definitely works.

Armed with friends, families and relatives she dedicates every spare second of her free time in search for possible places where abandoned dogs/pups might be left stranded.

Her selfless efforts have also resulted in her being widely known as the “The Donna of stray dogs” throughout the entire area.

People find her from every corner and bring her pups to nurse, take care of and eventually prepare for adoption. 

However, this is no "ordinary" animal shelter.

For a start, if you live somewhere as beautiful as southern Italy you might as well take advantage of what the landscape has to offer.

A perfect day in Italy doesn’t have to be extravagant.

There is so much perfection in every second of the day that if you let yourself take the time and absorb the surroundings, you’ll see that any day can be a perfect day if you embrace it with the right attitude.

That is why Concetta regularly leads the giant pack of rescued dogs on scenic walks through the picturesque village and coastline.

It is a feast for the eyes.

Apart from the free walks with breathtaking scenery, Concetta functions just like any other animal rescue center.

"The first thing we do when a new dog comes here is medically check if the dog needs help".

After this initial check-up, the new dog is accepted into the big pack and is ready to be adopted.

For years, Concetta has been getting up early in the morning to help and feed animals in need.

The key issues affecting animals have changed over the years, but her mission remains the same: to create a more humane society. More people should have this noble trait. 

 “When the world around me is going crazy and I’m losing faith in humanity,

I just have to take one look at my dogs to know that good still exists.”

In the south of Italy, on the coast just above the center of the beautiful city of Vibo Valentia, there is the suburb of Porto Salvo.

Fish and marine life have always been very important to the locals here, and you can find everything related to tuna fishing.

For example nearby is an empty  former factory where tuna used to be canned. Now it serves as a home for rescue dogs.

Her care for the local stray dogs has become indispensable.


We are dedicated to finding good permanent homes for abandoned, stray and neglected companion animals and ending the pet overpopulation crisis through focused spay / neuter programs.


We work with local community and animal rescue shelters to identify and assist the dogs most in need of a helping hand.

Our partner Paws Rescue Team mentioned here are absolutely essential to our long-term success.

Their contributions are essential to continuing our mission to help Concetta, and we are so grateful for their partnership.

Please support these amazing volunteers who are so dedicated to providing necessary services for both owners and pets.